ASE's certification program was designed with the needs of working automobile technicians in mind.

How does the program work? 

Twice a year, ASE offers certification tests for automotive professionals. You may sign up to take one or several exams. If you pass at least one test and have two-years of hands-on work experience, you earn ASE certification. Test results are mailed directly to you. You will receive a detailed diagnostic score report.

Once you are in the program, ASE offers a re-certification track - your assurance that the Blue Seal of Excellence® remains a meaningful symbol of your professionalism for years to come.

What are the benefits?

The benefits are both personal and professional:

  • By taking and passing tough, national competency exams you'll have the pride of knowing that you are among the elite in your profession.

  • You'll have the credentials to prove your competence to others: your coworkers, your employer, and your customers.

  • You can expect increased respect from your peers and your employer.

  • Additionally, many ASE-certified technicians report:

    • added responsibilities

    • selection for advanced training

    • improved job opportunities

    • salary increases

  • ASE testing can be used to gauge the effectiveness of the training classes and courses you are sent to by your employer.

  • Once certified, you will receive an ASE shoulder insignia, wallet I.D. card, and a wall certificate, suitable for framing.
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Fast Facts about ASE Tests.

ASE conducts its tests twice a year, each May and November at over 700 testing sites. Technicians register approximately six weeks before the exams.

The Registration Fee is $36 per technician; the tests cost $31 each. Advanced level test fees are $62 per test. Payment must accompany the Registration Form.

Many employers pay the fees outright; some may reimburse their technicians once they become certified.
Test Registration Booklets, available from the ASE office and online, as well as from other industry sources, explain testing procedures and policies in detail and contain sample questions.
ASE also offers Catalogs of Tests upon request. These Catalogs contains detailed test specifications and task lists, more sample questions, and a listing of study materials and clinics available through the industry.

The tests consist of multiple-choice questions developed by knowledgeable people working in the repair industry, including ASE-certified technicians. The questions are down-to-earth; they cover on-the-job diagnostic and repair procedures. They are not theoretical; they do not cover "book-knowledge."
Each test will have up to ten pre-test questions. These questions will not affect your score, but since you will not know which ones they are, you should answer all questions in the test.

Testing sessions run 4 hours and 15 minutes, allowing ample time to complete several exams.  

Click here for ASE Test dates and online registration. 

Source: ASE Certification Website.