About The Tests

Test Name/Subject 

A1 Engine RepairA5 Brakes
A2 Automatic Transmission/TransaxleA6 Electrical / Electronic Systems
A3 Manual Drive Train and AxlesA7 Heating And Air-conditioning
A4 Suspension And SteeringA8 Engine Performance
L1 Advanced Engine Performance

ASE certification test questions are written by a panel of experts: working automotive technicians, automotive instructors, and manufacturer trainers. All questions are carefully written and rigorously screened by the panel of experts. The resulting questions are then pre-tested on a nationwide sample of technicians. Those questions that are clearly understood by technicians in pre-testing become part of the pool of questions from which the ASE tests are drawn. 

ASE tests are designed to measure your skill and knowledge in basic technical theories or repair and diagnostic procedures. Each question deals with a practical problem requiring more than book knowledge for a complete, accurate answer. Questions often require understanding of procedures and precautions used in making repairs and adjustments. The test also requires the ability to conduct inspections, make adjustments, and perform common repair, disassembly, assembly, and reconditioning procedures. Your knowledge of how to use shop manuals and tools of the trade, including test equipment, will be measured.


Your test scores are confidential. ASE will not release your test scores to any other party unless they receive a written request from you to do so.


Passing the test does not lead to automatic certification by ASE. You must document at least two years of experience in automotive service. When you have certified in all eight automotive areas, you gain the title of "Master Automobile Technician."


Vehicle technology and service techniques change continually, and the pace of change is increasing. As a result, ASE requires technicians to re-certify their knowledge and skills every five years to keep their credentials valid. Re-Certification helps assure that your certification remains credible over time. Re-Certification tests are given during the same periods as certification tests, in May and November.

More Information

Visit the official ASE web site at: http://www.ase.com for more information about ASE Certification Testing and ASE Test Dates.